Andreas Züge (Instructor)

Hello there,

my name is Andreas Züge, I am 31 years old and since five years Aquaback Instructor. I am pleased to see how motivated and with much joy and commitment  our participants in the Aquaback courses are.

The simple transport of the equipment into and out of the water on the ramp is quickly done. The structure of the 45-minute lesson with warm-up, main part and cool down is always underlaid with appropriate music, which I think supports  the power in the course also. In addition, I find the combination of the 5 fixed devices and 5 intermediate stations very successful, since my participants  are always challenged  and never get bored by the short intervals. As the Aquaback devices offer 3 different difficulty levels, I can always adjust for each of my participants the appropriate level of training. Another big plus point for me as a coach is the direct care to the customer, such as in the gym. This makes it possible to take care of the individual needs of each client.

I look forward to many more years with this great course concept. "