Satisfied Users

"Investment in AQUABACK - absolutely the right decision"

André  Friedrich, Deputy Director of Indoor Swimmingpool Huchting

Effective and varied circuit training with devices is attracting new visitors to the swimming pools. The pool director from Bremen speaks about the benefits of AQUABACK system.

A circuit training in water with support of weight machines? We have never had such a thing before. But our guests have loved it from the very first demonstration of AQUABACK on. This has convinced us of the acquisition of AQUABACK system.
This concept is truly exceptional and very attractive, so the swimming pool has also won many new visitors.

Very positive is the cooperation with the AQUABACK team. Our instructor team was very well trained and prepared. And also in the technical field and marketing, we are supported by AQUABACK. Now we can offer in the course area more quality and appeal to different target groups, especially in the health sector. The visitors have a lot of fun and appreciate the support from our trainers  during the course hour.