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Ramonas Wasserwelt (Ramona's Waterwold)

Bathing without chlorine - Course start in Göttelsberg Weiz, Austria

"Weizer Woche" Editor Katja Blaschek reported:

A sore back of  her husband moved Ramona Tödling Göttelsberg to look around for a low-impact workout. Since they found nothing suitable in Austria, she researched the internet and came across the website of " Aquaback®". Excited by the concept, she sat down with Dr. Uwe Schlünz, CEO of Aquaback®in Germany and developer of the Aquaback® underwater exercise equipment. Ramona did not hesitate and decided  to be trained as Aquaback®-instructor. Last weekend it was finally time - the first Aquaback®  studio in Austria, "Ramona's Water World", opened up its doors. Ramona Tödling and Uwe Schlünz, who came to the opening from Germany to Weiz, were delighted that so many interested people had appeared for the trial week end and were impressed. "I do not like to go to the gym, Aquaback®  offers a great alternative for me. There are not so many people and you do not feel  observed while practicing in the water and I like the water very much, "said the triple Mama Anita Lackner from St. Radegund.

"The  Aquaback® concept is suitable for everyone. Not only fit people, but also people who are overweight should try this form of exercise once. Also, this joint friendly underwater training is ideal for people after surgery or other complaints or for re-entry into the sport. So this training  for example after having children is ideal, "said Ramona Tödling.

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