Aquaback Fitness Concept

For every muscle the right device

At the circuit training to rousing music and motivating instructors AQUABACK® participants have fun and train all major muscle groups. The AQUABACK® devices are equipped with Aqua hydraulic cylinders, so that for each participant the optimum power resistance can be set in three stages. Swimming pools with a water depth of 1.10m to 1.40m and with temperatures between 28 to 34 degrees are particularly suitable. Every AQUABACK® class starts with a 3-minute full-body warm-up, then each station is trained for 3 minutes. The special AQUABACK® music gives the signal for switching to the next device.

The participants complete ten stations: 5 units, 5 intermediate exercises in the exchange and a cool down. The AQUABACK® trainer is in the water close to the participants and thus can provide a professional, and individual attention.
Aquaback succeeds in only 45 minutes an intense total body workout that improves the aspects power, fat burning and coordination. There are also AQUABACK® courses where specific topics for abdominal, -back- or endurance are trained.