Medical aquatic Therapy

AQUABACK® is a device suported circuit training in the water. The AQUABACK® technology uses the specific characteristics of the water in the prevention and rehabilitation. Three different resistance levels allow a targeted antagonists training, which can be individually adjusted to the patient‘s needs. The innovative devices generate resistance by hydraulic aqua cylinders.

Through this indication-specific exercise therapy, the rehabilitation time is reduced, and the psychosomatic motivation is strengthened. AQUABACK® increases the quality standard with regard to effectiveness, ergonomics and exercise performance in the Medical Training Therapy. Study results with orthopedic and oncology patients, prove the effectiveness of AQUABACK® and show a significant relationship between body strength gains and pain reduction.

Effects of an eight-week Aquaback training intervention on the quality of life and performance of breast cancer patients in follow-up care

(Stefan Hobbie)

The aim of this study was to examine the effects of the newly developed Aquaback-circle, which allows targeted exercise training in combination with persistence elements under the positive properties of the water, on the physical performance and the quality of life in breast cancer patients in the aftercare.

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